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Digital Viscometer

Useful Device for Many Different Operations

A digital viscometer is an extremely useful device for many different operations. However, we at JD Instruments find quite often that our customers are not quite sure about which model of digital viscometer is the best fit for them. This is why we strive to put so much time and effort into assuring that our customers know the benefits that they would receive from using each of the various digital viscometer models that we carry in our stores. By giving our customers this information, we hope that they will find the very best suited digital viscometer for their operation. For, that is our ultimate goal, to provide our customers with the digital viscometer products that they need. So, what will this article do for you as a prospective customer? Well, if you are a prospective customer in search of a digital viscometer model that is perfect for you, than you will definitely gain information from this article that will assist you in your search. You see, in the following paragraphs, you will find detailed information about two digital viscometer models that may possibly be just the digital viscometer models that you were looking for. The very best way to make the correct digital viscometer purchase is to simply inform yourself about the various digital viscometer models that are out there. So, keep reading! After this article, should you have any questions about any model of digital viscometer, give us a call at JD Instruments. We would be glad to assist you in differentiating the kinds of digital viscometer models that would be perfect for your own purposes and uses.

The DV-1 Model

The first digital viscometer model that we will be discussing is the DV-1 model manufactured by Brookfield. This digital viscometer is one of the most economic options available on the market today. Also, this model is proud to be able to offer you a timed measurement function! What else can this model of digital viscometer do for you? Well, the DV-1 digital viscometer has a continuous sensor that can provide quick fire viscosity measurements. This is one of the features that Brookfield feels makes this digital viscometer stand out amongst all of its peers. Also, there is an optional temperature probe that you can attach to this digital viscometer to give it yet another amazing function. Some customers are always curious to ask, where do you collect all of the data that this digital viscometer has for you? Well, this model of digital viscometer can send all of that information to a PC or a printer.

The KU-2 Model

Another digital viscometer model that you may be interested in purchasing is the KU-2 digital viscometer. This digital viscometer is made specially to deal with paints and coatings. What are some of the benefits that it has to offer? Well, this digital viscometer has a continuous sensor that will work perfectly for your operation. Also, the display on this digital viscometer will show measurements in Krebs units, grams and centipoise. How accurate is this digital viscometer? Well, the manufacturer promises accuracy up to 1% of the full-scale range. Also, this digital viscometer has a reproducibility of up to .5% of the full-scale range. This digital viscometer is also very proud of its easy to use layout. Your employees should have no issues operating this digital viscometer and implementing it into your operation.

Digital Viscometer

No matter which digital viscometer you think would best fit into your operation, JD Instruments will be able to provide you with that product. Our stock of digital viscometer models is vast and we would be glad to share with you all of the many digital viscometer models that we are proud to carry.

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