Immersion Circulator

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Immersion Circulator

Selecting the Model

If you have made it to this web page, then you are likely looking for an immersion circulator for your operation. However, most customers in search of an immersion circulator do not know exactly which model of immersion circulator that they are in search of. So, this is where we at JD Instruments come into play. We can help you, the customer, find the immersion circulator that would best fit your desired functions for that immersion circulator. How can we do this? Well, you see, we begin by simply educating our customers about the various immersion circulator options that we have. Then, we proceed to give them an idea about the benefits that would accompany choosing each of the individual immersion circulator options that we have in stock. After this process, we find that customers feel much more comfortable making a decision about which immersion circulator is the right one for them. Having that kind of confidence as you purchase an immersion circulator is key. For this reason, we at JD Instruments have written this article in order to get you more acquainted with the various immersion circulator products that we have in stock. After having read this article, we hope that you will have a better big picture idea as to the kind of immersion circulator that would work best for you and your operation.

The Model 7312

The first immersion circulator that we will look at is the Model 7312 immersion circulator. This product is manufactured by PolyScience, a premier immersion circulator manufacturer. First, let us explain to you about the central specifications of this machine. It has a working temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Also, the temperature stability of this immersion circulator, .01 degrees Celsius, is quite impressive. What kind of pump does this immersion circulator use? Well, this immersion circulator has a variable speed pump that will work fantastically for your operation. Also, this immersion circulator is proud to offer an open or closed loop external circulation. So, what are some of the special features of this immersion circulator? Well, this model has a built in programmable temperature controller! Also, the display for this immersion circulator is capable of dealing with multiple languages. No need to fret if you need this immersion circulator to communicate in English, French, German or Spanish. It knows how to communicate in all of these languages.

The Model 7306

Another immersion circulator that we would like to discuss is the Model 7306 immersion circulator. This model is also produced by PolyScience. So, what is the working temperature for this immersion circulator? Well, this immersion circulator model operates up to 150 degrees Celsius. This model has many notable features as well that you should consider before making your final decision about which immersion circulator to purchase. For example, this immersion circulator can display its readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Also, there is an integral over-temperature and low-liquid level protection mechanism that has been installed into this immersion circulator model. If you are intending to have this product shipped to you, you may be curious as to its weight. This immersion circulator model weighs only 11 pounds or 5 kilograms, so it should be relatively inexpensive to ship to your operation.

Immersion Circulator

JD Instruments is really proud to be able to serve its customers by providing them with the immersion circulator products that they want and need. However, we do not see our job as ending there. We strive to ensure that we educate each immersion circulator customer about which model would best suit their interests. This way, we know that we are matching the right customer with the right immersion circulator.

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