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Best Manufacturers in the Field

Julabo is a reliable manufacturer of many different products. However, if you have already ended your Internet search here, then you most likely already know that Julabo is one of the very best manufacturers in the field. Likely, you are looking for somewhere to buy Julabo products from. JD Instruments is one such Julabo vendor. Nevertheless, you may want to know a bit more about the specific Julabo models that we offer. So, this article aims to give you a few descriptions of those models. This way, when you begin looking to select the perfect Julabo product for your operation, you will be well informed about the various benefits of each kind of device. This kind of customer education is what JD Instruments is proud to be known for. We do not just send our customers out to gather information about these products on their own. No, we are more than happy to provide each of our customers with all of the information that they could need to decide which Julabo products and models are the best fit for them. You want a Julabo vendor who is ready to work with you in order to find the product that you have been searching for. We at JD Instruments are proud to say that we are exactly that kind of vendor.

The F12-MC Refrigerated/Heating Circulator

One Julabo product that we are proud to have in stock is the F12-MC Refrigerated/ Heating Circulator. This Julabo product has many different advantages that set it apart from its competitors. What are those special features? Well, this Julabo model has a multi display for actual and setpoint values. Also, there is a keypad on this Julabo model that will help your operators to navigate through its menu functions, warning and safety values and setpoints options. Is that all this Julabo product has to offer? Of course not. This model also has active cooling control, a function that will come into handy when you use this model in your own operation. Furthermore, this Julabo model is equipped with a smart pump. This way, you can adjust the pump stages as you use it.

FPW55-SL Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulator

Another product that we are proud to carry is the Julabo FPW55-SL Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulator. This Julabo model has the capability to perform two stage cascade-cooling and proportional cooling control. Are you impressed? We certainly are. Also, the features of this Julabo product are very enticing. For example, this model has ATC3 3 point calibration capabilities with a Pt100 external sensor connection for measurement and control. Not thoroughly impressed yet? Wait until you hear about the TCF temperature control features of this model! These features optimize the control behavior of this model. Furthermore, this Julabo model has a keypad just as the model discussed above. Want to hear about this modelís specifications? Well, this Julabo product works in the -60 to 100 degree Celsius range with ICC temperature control. It has a display resolution of .01 degrees Celsius and has an available integrated programmer. The heater capacity for this Julabo model is an impressive 3000 W. Also, when purchasing this model, you will be receiving both a VFD and LCD display.


There are a lot of reasons for which customers choose to buy Julabo products. Not only are they well made, but they also have many amazing features to offer the customer. We at JD Instruments are proud to carry Julabo products and are excited to share their abilities with our customers. So, if you want to ensure that you are purchasing the perfect Julabo product for you, then you should most definitely shop with us.

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