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Lab Chiller

Do Business with Someone Whom you Have Confidence in

Are you looking for a lab chiller for your lab? If so, then you are in just the right place. JD Instruments is a proud retailer of lab chiller products made by the very best manufacturers in the field. When you buy a lab chiller from us, you know that you are getting the very best of the best. It is this ability to have confidence in our lab chiller products that leads our customers to continue using us as their primary provider of lab chiller products. You do not want to do business with someone that you barely know. No, you want to do business with someone whom you have confidence in. That is where JD Instruments excels. We provide our customers with the highest quality lab chiller products. However, we do not just stop at selling durable products. We also strive to assist each customer in finding the perfect and most suitable product for his or her personal situation. We never want you to receive your product and then begin worrying that you have made the wrong decision. If you work with us to buy your lab chiller, then you can be certain that our staff of qualified professionals will be by your side throughout the entire purchasing process to help you find just the right lab chiller for you. In order to help you along in your quest to find the right lab chiller, JD Instruments has written this brief article describing one of the lab chiller models that we have in stock. Hopefully, this information will be of assistance to you as you attempt to differentiate between those models that would not work for you and those that would.

The FL300 Recirculating Cooler or Chiller

Julabo manufactures one lab chiller that we have in stock. It is called the FL300 Recirculating cooler or chiller. Some customers automatically wonder what temperature range each lab chiller will work best in. Well, this lab chiller model operates best in the -20 to 40 degree Celsius range. It has a PID temperature control and a temperature stability of plus or minus .5 degrees Celsius. What are some of the benefits that you would see of choosing this lab chiller model over others? Well, this lab chiller has an ergonomic design and is well known for its easy operation. Also, the keypad on this lab chiller is splash proof. What kind of screen will you see on this lab chiller? This lab chiller has a very large and easily visible LED display. There is no need to worry about whether or not you will be able to see it, as this model has a very bright display that would be easily read by any of your employees. Some of the other advantages of this lab chiller is that it has a front drain and side vents. These are two features that you will most definitely find handy and pertinent in the work place. Also, there is a removable venting grid on this lab chiller. This removable venting grid allows you to clean the condenser of this lab chiller. Most definitely, you will benefit from that feature. Furthermore, when you opt for this lab chiller, you will be getting a filling level indicator and powerful immersion pumps. Some customers are curious as to why those powerful immersion pumps matter and make this lab chiller special. Well, when you have that kind of reliable part in a lab chiller, you can then use that lab chiller continuously.

Lab Chiller

JD Instruments can and will help you find the lab chiller that you need for your laboratory. All you have to do is give us a call.

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