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Magnum 91 Temperature Control System

JULABOMagnum 91 Temperature Control System

Magnum 91 - Highly Dynamic Temperature Control System

The ,Magnum 91 highly dynamic temperature control system is the ideal solution for demanding external temperature applications, like e.g. temperature control of reactors up to 50 litres. The advantages are rapid heat-up and cool-down within the working temperature range from 91 to +250C as well as an immediate control of exothermic and endothermic reactions. The water-cooled unit offers a heating capacity of 6 kW as well as a cooling capacity of up to 5 kW. With the intelligent ICC cascade temperature control rapid results with high precision are reached. For time and temperature depending processes there is an integrated programmer with 6x60 program steps. Additionally the system has a closed tempering circuit, here the advantages are a reduced oxidation and a longer lifetime of the bath fluid unpleasant odors and vapors do not get outside.


  • For highly precise, external temperature applications
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Wide working temperature ranges without changing fluids
  • Bright VFD display and interactive LCD dialog display
  • Highly precise ICC cascade temperature control
  • RS232/RS485 interface for PC connection
  • Electronically adjustable pump stages
  • External Pt100 sensor connection
  • Integrated programmer with 6x60 program steps
  • Early warning system for low liquid level
  • 3-point calibration
  • TCF Temperature Control Features
  • Adjustable high temperature cut-off
  • Classification 3 according to DIN12876-1
  • IP class according to IEC 60529: 20

Technical Specifications

Working temperature range -91 ... 250 C   
Temperature control ICC 
Temperature stability external 0.05 C
Display VFD + LCD    
Display resolution 0.01 C
Integrated programmer available 
Heater capacity 6000 W   
Cooling capacity
200   20   -20   -40   -60   -80       C
3500   5000   4500   4000   2500   600       W
Refrigerant R404a + R23 
Pump capacity Pressure:   11.6...31.9 psi   
Flow rate: 24-35 lpm
Digital interfaces RS232, RS485, optional Profibus 
External Pt100 sensor connection available
Filling volume 21.6 Liters
Filling volume expansion vessel 11.4 Liters
Dimensions (W x L x H) 28 x 34.7 x 65 inches
Weight 975 lbs
Ambient temperature 540 C
Classification according to DIN 12876-1 3 (FL) 


External temperature stability varies with the working temperature range between 0.05 to 0.2C
Recommended fluids: Thermal HL80, Thermal HL45, Thermal H5S, Fluorinert, Galden

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