Recirculating Chiller

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Recirculating Chiller

Proud Provider of Julabo Products

Looking for a recirculating chiller? If so, then you are in the right place. We at JD Instruments are a proud provider of Julabo recirculating chiller products. When you visit our website, which you are already on at this moment, you will notice that we have multiple recirculating chiller models for you to consider purchasing. Also, on our website, you will find the features of each of those recirculating chiller models so that you can tell the difference between their various forms. Having this information available at your finger tips is incredibly convenient. So, if you are looking to purchase a recirculating chiller, JD Instruments is your best choice for a vendor. We will stand by your side throughout the entire shopping process so that you can rest assured that you have found just the recirculating chiller that you have been looking for. You see, finding the right features and benefits on a recirculating chiller model is really important to our customers. That is why we make it such a high priority of ours to work alongside our customers to find those features and benefits that they have been dreaming about. In the text below, you will find information on the specifics on a few of our recirculating chiller models. After having read them, you will have a much better idea of the differences from model to model. Then, you will be able to make an educated decision about which one of these fantastic Julabo recirculating chiller models is the very best one for you.

The Julabo FL300

One Julabo recirculating chiller that we are always very proud to discuss with our customers is the Julabo FL300 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller. This model aims at achieving our customers’ dreams of environmentalism through an environmentally friendly cooling system. This model has an ergonomic design that you will love and it is also incredibly easy to operate. Furthermore, it has a large and bright LED display that will make reading its communications a breeze. Want to know a little bit more about this model? Well, most customers are also always curious about the layout of this recirculating chiller. To respond to that question, you will find a front drain, an easy filling top and a removable venting grid on this recirculating chiller. Also, you will see that there are no side vents. All of these features come together to make this recirculating chiller the special product that it is.

The Julabo FL601

Another Julabo model of recirculating chiller that you will certainly want to take a look at as you are looking for a recirculating chiller is the FL601 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller. This model is also environmentally friendly with an ergonomic design. Something special about this recirculating chiller is that it has a splash proof keypad. So, you will never have to worry about getting the keypad on this recirculating chiller wet! Like the model we discussed above, this recirculating chiller has a front drain but no side vents. The working temperature range for this recirculating chiller is between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius. Another important thing to note is that this recirculating chiller model has a temperature stability of plus or minus .5 degrees Celsius. Some customers are always curious to hear about the tanks inside the recirculating chiller models. Well, this model has integrated stainless steel bath tanks that our customers tend to love. As a final note, should you choose to buy this recirculating chiller, you will notice that it has a filling level indicator so that you will always know how much the recirculating chiller tank can hold.

Recirculating Chiller

Let JD Instruments show you the recirculating chiller that you have been looking everywhere for. We are sure that we have it in stock and ready for purchase.

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