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RR2500 - Advanced Universal Pendulum Impact System

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Advanced Universal Pendulum Impact System
Order Code : RR2500
Izod Impact
Charpy Impact
Tension Puncture Impact

Product Overview

A highly accurate universal pendulum impact tester, designed in accordance with all International test standards for Izod, Charpy, Tension and Puncture impact testing of samples and components. The design utilises advanced dedicated microprocessor technology for ergonomic simplicity, ease of operation, high accuracy and repeatability of test results.

This apparatus has an energy range up to 25 Joules and infinitely variable velocity from 1.5 m/s to 3.8 m/s.

Supplied as standard with built-in test results printer, RS232 output and WindowsTM data link PC software, all included in the basic cost of the apparatus.

With the additional puncture impact feature, the system's advanced microprocessor records factual puncture test results as opposed to the traditional "drop dart" method. Welcome to the future in puncture impact testing.

Standard Specification

The following features are supplied as standard and are included in the basic cost of the apparatus.

  • Advanced dedicated microprocessor control
  • Energy range up to 25 Joules
  • Infinitely variable velocity from 1.5 m/s to 3.8 m/s
  • High resolution positional encoder
  • Metric or imperial units of measure
  • Self-calibration procedure for bearing resistance and windage
  • Solenoid pendulum release with audible pre-warning
  • Fully integral safety guarding electrically inhibiting operation when not closed
  • Levelling device
  • Ser of hexagonal keys
  • Lifting eye
  • Large easy to read liquid crystal display with sequence logic menus and auto prompt selection
  • Ergonomically simple touch membrane keypad for data entry
  • Yes / no mode selector
  • Built-in test results printer
  • RS232 output with special data transfer lead
  • WindowsTM data link PC software
  • Product user manual
  • Fully traceable certificate of calibration
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • 1 year return to base manufacturer's warranty

Optional Specimen Holding Fixtures

2500-04-00: Izod Vice
2500-05-00 : Charpy Rest
2500-14-00 : Tension Impact Fixture (Specimen-in-bed Method)
2500-15-00 : Puncture Impact Test Stand

Optional Pendulum Impact Hammers


1.00 Joule Single Piece Hammer
2.75 & 5.50 Joule Variable Weight Hammer
11.00 & 22.00 Joule Variable Hammer


2.71 & 5.42 Joule Variable Weight Hammer
10.84 & 21.68 Joule Variable Weight Hammer


0.50 Joule Single Piece Hammer
1.00, 2.00, 4.00, 5.00 & 7.50 Joule Variable Weight Hammer
15.00 & 25.00 Joule Variable Weight Hammer


Special energy hammers can be supplied for both Izod and Charpy. Please advise the energy and impact velocity.


0.75 Joule Single Piece Hammer
1.00 Joule Single Piece Hammer
2.50, 3.00 & 3.50 Joule Variable Weight Hammer
4.00 Joule Single Piece Hammer
7.50 Joule Single Piece Hammer
15.00 Joule Single Piece Hammer


Special energy hammers can be supplied for Tension. Please advise the energy and impact velocity.


1.30 to 25.00 Joules Variable Weight Hammer


Pendulum impact hammers can be supplied to any International test standard. Please contact Ray-Ran direct for further information.

Optional Low Temperature Chamber

2500-15-00: Free Standing Low Temperature Chamber to -45 C

Low Temperature Chamber

Low temperature professional freezer specially designed for laboratory use. Built-in digital thermostat with digital display for accurate temperature control.


  • Temperature range -20 C to -45 C
  • Dimensions 600 mm x 400 mm x 945 mm
  • Capacity 54 litres / 1.9 cubic ft
  • Digital temperature control and display
  • Temperature failure alarm
  • Integral lock
  • Castors
  • Easy clean internal round corners

Optional Spares And Ancillaries

308-201: Pack 3 Printer Ribbons
177-304: Pack 10 Rolls Printer Paper

Puncture Impact Feature


The apparatus is extremely versatile. Impact velocities up to 3.7 m/s combined with variable weight pendulum hammers give an impact energy range of up to 25 Joules. WindowsTM data link PC software provides a special impact energy diagnostic program to assist the operator to select the correct size of pendulum hammer for the material being tested. The test sample takes the form of a circular clamped ring and thus eliminates any possible influence on the test results of the way the sample is cut out.


Determining the most cost effective packaging material specification for a particular application can be a daunting proposition if reliable information is not available on the material behavior under different load conditions. The impact strength can be crucial if the handling of the package cannot be controlled, especially if objects with sharp profiles are to be packaged.

Hitherto, the principal method of evaluating the impact strength of thin ductile packaging materials has been with a drop dart tester. But in recent years, many companies have questioned the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of the data obtained using this method. In the main, this is because the degree of the material failure is so subjective to operator interpretation and non-failures must also be accounted for in calculating the results. Also, the absence of instrumentation providing immediate test results is a distinct disadvantage.

The puncture impact feature for the Ray-Ran Advanced Universal Pendulum Impact System has addressed all of these problems and produced a test method that is accurate, reliable and immediately displays and prints the test result using a microprocessor control. Test results can safely be compares between different test centres. Therefore, an International organisation can set material standards world-wide knowing that consistent quality control is assured.


The impact system can examine the material behavior in a combination of different ways. By using different tup strikers, the mode of failure can be analysed to represent direct comparisons with other materials and hence produce an in-house, or to simulate actual service conditions.

For instance, if impact elongation properties are required for ductile material, then a large spherical radius tup striker is used to induce a high degree of lateral elongation of the material before the tup striker can penetrate through the material to the point of failure. If, however, a more brittle failure (minimum elongation of the material), a more pointed tup striker is employed. If required, the tup striker can simulate the actual object to be packaged to see how the packaging material would stand up to poor handling in service.

A typical ductile fracture A typical brittle fracture

WindowsTM Data Link PC Software

The Ray-Ran Advanced Universal Pendulum Impact System is supplied as standard complete with RS232 output, special data transfer lead and WindowsTM Data Link PC software, all included in the basic cost of the apparatus.

Advanced Universal Pendulum Impact System with PC Data Link
Windows (TM) Data Link PC Software

Electrical Characteristics

The product is available with either of the following electrical characteristics.
  • 220-240 volts 1 ph 50 Hz (standard configuration)
  • 100-120 volts 1 ph 60 Hz (available on request)

Shipping Characteristics

All Ray-Ran products are securely packed in a strong durable wooden packing crate suitable for export shipment to any country in the world by air, land or sea.
  • 153 kg / 81 cm x 56 cm x 93 cm
  • 163 kg / 85 cm 56 cm x 93 cm (with puncture impact feature)
All weights and dimensions are approximate.
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