Viscosity Testing Equipment

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Viscosity Testing Equipment

Choosing the Right Models

If you are in the market for viscosity testing equipment, then you know how crucial it is for you as a customer to pick the viscosity testing equipment models that are the very best equipped to perform the tasks that you have in mind. You do not want to select simply the first viscosity testing equipment that you see. No, you want to make an educated decision about which viscosity testing equipment models have the best features and benefits to fit your needs. How can you go about doing this? Well, if you choose the right viscosity testing equipment vendor, then this task is really quite simple. When you work with JD Instruments, for instance, you can be certain that you will encounter experts who will be more than happy to discuss with you the various models of viscosity testing equipment that we carry and even weigh in on which ones they think will work best for you in your current situation. This kind of expert assistance is absolutely necessary to promoting a smooth viscosity testing equipment buying process. You do not want to be stressed out about whether or not the sales associate that is assisting you with your purchase is qualified to be making that sale. No, you want experts to help you as you make your decisions about which viscosity testing equipment models to purchase. So, get into contact with JD Instruments today. We are sure that you will be pleased with the amount of knowledge about our products that we have to share with you. Not quite sure what kind of features there are to consider in viscosity testing equipment? Well, keep reading through this article. Below, you will find a description of one of the viscosity testing equipment models that our customers have been very pleased with. After reading its description, you may even decide it is the viscosity testing equipment model for you.

The Brookfield STT-100 In-Line Viscometer

The viscosity testing equipment that we will be discussing in this model is absolutely fantastic. Not only does it conform to 3A sanitary conditions, but it also has a clean in place design. Furthermore, this viscosity testing equipment provides continuous measurement readings and has both constant and variable speed motors available. This viscosity testing equipment is the STT-100 In-Line Viscometer produced by none other than Brookfield. This viscosity testing equipment is perfect for many different situations. It works in the 350- 250,000 (cP/mPa) viscosity range and it has an output of 4-20 mA. Also, you will find that this viscosity testing equipment is extremely easy to check in terms of calibration. Should you intend to use this viscosity testing equipment in a hazardous environment, this viscosity testing equipment model has explosion proof configurations that we are sure would work perfectly in your operation. The variety of materials that this viscosity testing equipment can work with is vast. For instance, this viscosity testing equipment works well with low viscosity materials such as chemicals, paints, polymers, oils, juices, pharmaceuticals and even petroleum products. In the medium viscosity range, this viscosity testing equipment is good to work with adhesives, starches, gums, resins, asphalt and even paper coatings. Nevertheless, this viscosity testing equipment can also work with those products of a higher viscosity such as gels, sealants, epoxies, inks and caulking compounds.

Viscosity Testing Equipment

Judging which viscosity testing equipment is best for you can sometimes be difficult. However, if you have the right vendor at your side, the process of finding the perfect viscosity testing equipment for you and your operation is actually quite simple. So, work with us at JD Instruments and let us help you find the viscosity testing equipment that you have been searching everywhere for.

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