Water Bath

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Water Bath

Top Name Models Available

If you are in the market for a water bath, then it must be your lucky day. You have already arrived at the website of one of the very best water bath vendors on the Internet. JD Instruments is proud to provide our customers with top name water bath models that have all of the features that they have dreamed of. What makes working with us different from working with any other water bath vendor? Well, when you use JD Instruments as your primary water bath vendor, you will find that we are extremely attentive to the needs of our customers and will do anything that we can in order to ensure that we are as helpful as possible during your water bath shopping process. How do we go about this customer service initiative? Well, in order to best aid our customers in their search for water bath products, we train all of our employees to assist our customers in identifying the features and benefits that they would most like to see in their water bath products. After our customers are aware of the benefits that they would like to receive from their water bath products, our experts can better assist them in finding the exact models that will best serve their purposes. Ready to start finding those models today? Then keep reading this article! Below, we have outlined the benefits of one of our very best selling water bath models. After you have educated yourself on the specifications of this model, we are sure that you will feel more comfortable with your decision as to whether or not it is the water bath for you.

The JULABO FL300 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller

The water bath that we will be discussing is the JULABO FL300 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller. This water bath model offers environmentally friendly cooling capabilities that our customers are always raving about. Also, it has an ergonomic design that you will surely love. What else is special about this water bath? Well, layout wise, there are a few special features that prospective buyers may want to note. Firstly, there is no front drain on this water bath. However, there are side vents and a removable venting grid for easy cleaning of the condenser. Furthermore, this water bath has powerful immersion pumps. So, if continuous operation is what you need, this could be just the water bath for you. The display on this water bath also has a few things that you may want to note about it. For starters, it is an LED display that you will likely find easy to read. Secondly, this water bath has a splash proof keypad. So, you will never have to worry about getting the keypad wet on your water bath. Often, our customers want to hear a bit about the numbers behind this water bath. So, let us describe them to you real quick. The water bath we are discussing has a working temperature range from -20 to 40 degrees Celsius. It has a PID temperature control and a temperature stability of plus or minus .5 degrees Celsius. Want to hear about the pump capacity? Well, the pressure of the pump capacity is 5.1 psi and the flow rate 15 lpm. Finally, the weight of this water bath is important to bring into the discussion. This water bath weighs approximately 86 pounds.

Water Bath

JD Instruments is a leading water bath vendor with many different models available for you to peruse. However, the best thing about doing business with us is knowing that you will always have a water bath expert available to assist you in finding the water bath that you are looking for with the features that you need.

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