Water Baths

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Water Baths

Superior Manufacturing Techniques

When you think of water baths, it is likely that the names of the leading water baths brands come to mind, one of those being Julabo. We at JD Instruments are proud providers of water baths made by Julabo. We find their manufacturing techniques to be superior to those used by other manufacturers of water baths. Also, we find their water baths products to be of the very highest quality. That is why we choose to carry water baths made by Julabo and continue to sell them to our customers. However, what some customers do not yet know is what kind of water baths they would like to purchase from these manufacturers. This is where water baths vendors like JD Instruments come into the picture. We at JD Instruments can help you to find just the high quality water baths products that you want and also give you the customer service that you are looking for during the shopping process. We excel at helping our customers to determine which water baths will meet their criteria for benefits and features. When customers have us on their side, they have a much easier time finding the water baths that they are looking for, as they no longer have to sift through every model on the market. When water baths customers work with us, they can use our expert staff to help them narrow down the pool of water baths models to just those that will fit their particular needs and criteria. This saves our customers precious time.

The Julabo SW23 Shaking Water Bath

One model of water baths that we would like to discuss in particular is the Julabo SW23 Shaking Water Bath. This model of water baths has a drain screw for convenient emptying that our customers are always raving about. Its shaking stroke is 15 mm and the LED display on this model of water baths will always display the shaking frequency. Want to have the ability to change the shaking frequency of your water baths? Well, with this model of water baths that dream can become a reality. This model of water baths can have its shaking frequency adjusted to be anywhere from 20 to 200 rpm. Are you looking for other features in your water baths? Well, this model has many other features that you may want to look at. For instance, these water baths have a splash proof keypad that you will surely love. Never again will you have to worry about damaging your keypad by accidentally splashing it. However, this is not the only splash proof feature on these water baths! The mains switch on each of these water baths is also splash proof. Another important detail that you as a customer may be interested in is the LED display that comes with these water baths. This display makes reading data extremely easy. Your employees will surely love the ability to very clearly read the data that the water baths you have purchased is showing them. So, now we will shift to discussing some of the numerical statistics of these water baths. Their working temperature range is between 20 and 99.9 degrees Celsius and they have PID temperature control. Also, these water baths have a temperature stability of plus or minus .02 degrees Celsius.

Water Baths

This article has just described one of our very best selling water baths. Nevertheless, should this model of water baths not be the one for you, we are certain that we can find the water baths that will fulfill all of your criteria. Just get into contact with us at JD Instruments and we will stand by your side as you peruse all of the various water baths that we have in stock.

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