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The video above shows an animation of the Brookfield TT100 viscometer. This unit has been used with great success in the challenging measurement of frac fluid. The gap between the inner and outer cylinder is fixed, as shown above, and the speed can be controlled to match industry standard shear rates.

This system is now being used to measure real time viscosities of drilling fluid, and can calculate PV, YP, and Theta values instantly.


PV, YP, and Theta measured in real time

You can take the next big step in technology today. Available from JD Instruments, Inc. is the Brookfield model TT100 for flow through systems. This system is capable of measuring shear rates that match industry standard 3, 6, 30, 60, 300, 600 rpm. It can calculate YP and PV and has analog and RS485 outputs available. Digital display of viscosity, current speed and PV/YP values are also available. This unit is now available for lease or purchase from JD Instruments, Inc. Calibration of the unit and setup is included. As wells go deeper and horizontal drills extend further, the need for real time drilling fluid viscosities becomes even more critical. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Call now 800-840-2800 and set up your installation now.


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